How you can order your Games
4:38 AM | Author: Genji-san
Head back to this website for a more detailed explanation.

Well, for those of you who are a little confused, here's how you can order your games. When choosing your prize, click "Any Video Game". That allows you to order any video game under the pricetag of $60. So all you will have to get is 6 friends to sign up under you, and the game is yours. But if you wanted a Limited Edition game (Usually goes for $70+), you will have to click Custom Order in the prizes section. Then you will have to make a support ticket, Titled "Custom Order" or "My Custom Order", with the url of the game that you want to order. You can easily find the game you want on Amazon, so just send them a link to the game so they can order it.

Simplified Steps:
Step 1: You have to make an account first. To make your account, go here and sign up.

Step 2: You then, have to make sure you picked the right prize. Just click "Any Video Game". After you chose that prize, they will tell you the requirements to get the prize.

Step Three:
-Do 4 offers. The last 4 are the ones I did. Before every offer you do, REMEMBER, clear your cookies and disable your FireWall. You have to disable your firewall, because if you don't, you won't get credited. For the website to know you did the offer, a cookie is placed on your computer (it's harmless). When your done with the offer, you can just re-enable your FireWall. That's the way I did it. After that, you get 6 of your friends to do the same thing.

Step Four:
Put your referral link in your signature on Forums:
-Honestly this is one of the easiest ways to get the referrals. Why do you ask? If your a user, on the forums, with more than 500-1000 posts, they will believe you and sign up under your link. Does that mean you should have that much posts just to get referrals? No, you just need to be friendly and helpful and you'll get a lot of posts. That's the way I've gotten my referrals and they've been active. I get ~10 referrals a day using this method, I highly recommend it. Also, make the signature relevant to the forums. If your on Playstation 3 forums, don't say "Get your Xbox 360 here", make it something related to the Ps3. Like "Here's how I got my games free", or "Here's how I got my Playstation3 free". And I'd be telling the truth, because this is how I actually get my games :P.

Make videos:
-This is a fairly good method if your good at making videos. Because videos get a lot of views daily, and if you can hold the viewers attention, they'll sign up under you. I use this as my secondary referral technique. Why? Because all you have to do is set it up, and let it do the work by itself. You can use Windows Media Maker or Camtasia to get started.

Tell Your Friends:
-Easiest way, because they actually know you. Not much more I need to say on this.